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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 13, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tom glass ' dentist office. >> it is hard. you realize you won't be able to operate for a while. >> reporter: there's water and debris on the floor. a giant hole in the attic and even some of his equipment is damaged. >> the machine in this corner, that part of it is $50,000. >> reporter: he has had to cancel appointments and hopes his patients understand. >> i will guess it will take weeks to months to get where we need to be. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox at the montgomery county transfer station where the grinder is working twice as hard. >> some trees that are massive are brought to the county's transfer station in derwood. >> we have had mountains of tree limbs coming in. staggers amounts of material and we have had to revise our operation so we have crews starting as early as 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the station has been flooded with people who have been working nonstop cleaning up trees and branches storms brought down. >> it was so scary. >> reporter: some people have
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had double doses of damage. >> in the roof and the second storm, part of it broke again. >> did it hit your house this time. >> yep. >> reporter: others said a lot of limbs. >> a bunch of stuff everywhere. >> reporter: all of that stuff will be turned in to mulch the county will sell to landscapers and provide for free to montgomery county residents. >> i'm bruce leshan in gaithersburg, another nightmarish commute for thousands of people across our region. the trouble here, you can see, the crew is working, but the traffic signals are still dark. >> oh, it is bad. really bad. >> it is a mess. >> love them and hate them. >> pepco's blaming washington's arching canopy of trees for most of the power problems. williams was in good spirits. >> i tried to get it cut before
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the storm and a little disappointed after learning the out of state crew could not restore her power until she brought in an electrician to reattach her service line to the house. >> i want to see what is up right now. >> can't miss it. it's the one with all the wires this the yard, hon. >> a few hours ago, pepco held a news conference to talk about where they are and how much progress they have made. they have 800 crews out working to restore the power. out of those, 280 are from out of state utility companies brought in to help. pepco's president thomas graham says they are doing everything they can to get your lights on but remember the crews working on the outages are not the enemy and in fact they could be your neighbors. >> we're a community company. the communities we all live in. it is impacting hundreds of our employees who live, work and play in the area and it is a
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real strain on them to work 16 hours doing this type of work. so let's take a look at the current outages right now. more than 16500 of those are in montgomery county. 1500 are in dc. only 400 in prince georges county. dominion only has 5500 customers in the dark. 4900 in northern virginia. most in alexandria, bge is reporting 934 outages. allegheny power with 720 customers out in maryland and appalachian power has about 2600 outages. meantime, many neighborhoods in silver spring are still without power and they have no idea when it is coming back. this 70-foot oak tree still lying in the middle of the street. on its way down it took out the power, phone and cable lines. luckily no one was hurt. around the corner more mature trees and downed wires and throughout the neighborhood no
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shortage of frustration. >> the last time the power was out, i felt sorry for pepco because i do think they have a hard job. but right now i'm very disgusted because we can't get any answer whatsoever. >> i think they need to hold pepco's feet to the fire because, you know, evidently they get a pass. a pass on isabelle. they just don't maintain the lines. >> reporter: like we said frustration. many independent landscapers are out and about. they have been patrolling the area. they are trying to stay one step ahead of county tree removal movals and pepco. the power outage caused a mess on the road. can we hope and pray the ride hope is any better? let's get to traffic. >> it will get better but right now because of the traffic lights out in many places in montgomery county, bruce said that 355 in gaithersburg is very heavy. watch for that. i-95 in virginia, traffic is
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backed up from back lick to triangle. we are looking at a 90-minute commute. this without incidents or accidents. so it will be slow going down south on 95. on the capital beltway, prince georges county side as you know redskins are playing tonight. so it will be heavy. extra volume out there. one tip for you, though. central avenue exit is the least congested. that might be the one to take if you are at home watching this. 95 to route 50, 18 minutes and growing. it will be heavy. and on the virginia side, toll road to 395 we are looking at 18 minutes, as well. going down to 17. a little better. >> traffic is not so great but the weather news is better. topper is on the weather terrace. >> we will trade clouds for lower temperatures. good trade in august. high temperature only 80 today. for tonight, mostly cloudy and cooler. slight chance of a shower. should be dry around fedex and landover. most of the showers are south of town. look at the lows, 66 to 72.
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winds easterly at ten. about ready to walk the dog, why not? in the 70s. 72 gaithersburg and low 70s even in leesburg and hagerstown. you jump the divide and it is in the low 60s in oakland. we will come back and talk about the weekend forecast. temperatures will be going up a bit. we will let you know how hot it will get and if thunderstorms are back in the forecast before the weekend is out. tonight, we speak to the first alleged victim of the so- called leesburg stabber. 15-year-old anthony cage said he was on the routine three- mile run in downtown last tuesday night when suddenly he felt a sharp pain. bleeding profusely the teenager ran to a gas station a block away and collapsed just inside the doorway. the clerk called 911 and a customer helped to put pressure on his stab wounds. cage said he was determined to survive. >> just instinct. you know, i didn't want to die yet. wasn't going to take me out
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yet. >> it is unfortunate that maybe he doesn't have anyone in his life that loves him we love each other. >> reporter: 33-year-old elias abuelazam is accused of attacking 18 men, incluing the three here in leesburg. police say he killed five men in michigan. he will also face charges in that state. well, a deck of cards can mean fun at times, but for one woman who has had access to tens of thousands of dollars from a prestigious fairfax county school she worked for, it destroyed the life she knew. 9 news now was in federal court when susan was sentenced today and only on 9 she speaks to our surae chinn ♪ [ music ] >> i'm sorry for what i did, and i am sorry to my school, the community, the parents and the students. >> reporter: a contrite susan litwin apologizes from stealing from the school and the kids she loves. at tomman mass jefferson high school, she stole more than a
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quarter million dollars to feed her gambling habit. her obsession, black jack. taking trips nearly every week to atlantic city or vegas. she would pay back what she took with her winnings but she got so far in the hole last summer her luck ran out. only not at the tables, but with federal agents. a gaming habit that relied mainly on luck, sentencing for miss it willwin would fall on what many would view as the most unlucky days, friday the 13th. the judge handed down a 15th month sentence when she was hoping no jail time at all. >> she never had a parking ticket. we were hoping for home incarceration and weekend confinement so she could stay home with her 8-month-old daughter. >> reporter: she stole money from the booster club, athletic and yearbook funds and she says she paying every penny back by giving up her florida home and retirement money. >> i'm sorry i let you down. >> reporter: the stakes are too
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high for a federal judge who said he wanted to send a message, never to steal, break the law and betray the trust of the school, parents and students who look up to her. in alexandria, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> she started an asian gambling help website. the fairfax county school system says she is happy to know she is paying back the money she stole. police officers find themselves on the other side of the law accused in a deadly car accident. but first the fda approves a controversial pill. the details after the break. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil
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the fda approved a morning after contraceptive. the maker hra created a pill to reduce the chance of pregnancy up to five days after unprotected sex. ella-one will be a prescription only birth control option. plan b is the currently most widely used contraceptive. both draw criticism from antiabortion groups who argue the drugs are closer to a-- abortion pills than emergency contraception. while everyone knows about the b.p. in the gulf of mexico there was another oil spill that ruptured in july spilling a billion gallons of crude in the call ma zoo river. a nonprofit group helping to ensure the pipeline safety tell
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says the spill could have been prevented if the government regulatory industry responsible for pipeline safety had acted sooner. >> they could have alerted local officials much more quickly and i think congress is interested in making that statute but the fact this could have been prevented had the regulatory industry enacted in january and even earlier on their terrible record. find ott why it has been on the radar screen for years on this sunday morning on plats energy week at 8 a.m. tgif. after yesterday's doubleheader of storms, we are hoping the weekend may make up for it. topper will be back with the full forecast after the break. but first, caught on tape. police cruiser slams in to a stalled car. that's up next.
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announcer: when your eyes are smiling, you're smiling. be kind to your eyes with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. caught on tape in dallas, the police ran in to the back
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of a stalled suv killing the driver inside. two cops were heading to a nonemergency call when they hit the suv and forced it off the road. the victim did have his emergency lights flashing. the crash forced the jeep cherokee in to a fence and then in to someone's yard. emergency crews took the driver to the hospital but he died there. the police department is now trying to figure out why this happened. a vermont man decided to really stick it to the man in connecticut. brian walked in the hartford city hall with $301 in pennys. you see he still owes taxes to the state for his car because he forgot to turn in his license plate before he moved. brian says he understands he has to pay but he didn't have to make it easy. hail to the redskins. right now the team is hitting the turf to face off against the raggedty buffalo bills and fans are psyched up to see the new coach and the team's brand new quarterback. >> i'm dave owens at fedex
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field as we get ready for the kickoff of preseason game number one. of course a lot of players and fans have come out to see it but i would fathom to guess that the one they came to see the most is mcnabb. he and the rest of the team arrived this afternoon and he stepped out on the field and warmed up early on. also chris cooley was there. he's coming back for the first time since injuring his ankle, breaking his ankle last year against the eagles. first round draft pick and offensive tackle, williams getting set for his first action. as far as mcnabb, what can we expect as far as playing time? offensive coordinator kyle shanahan said about 18 plays. >> that is my choice. if he pull the plug i'm used to that. if he doesn't, i hope he pulls the plug. that's the first game. >> we will play him somewhere in the area of 15 to 18 plays. i'm not going to go through the
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whole game playing. >> reporter: we are 15 minutes away from kickoff. washington redskins, buffalo bills. we will have post game reaction from the locker room. from fedex field, dave owens, 9 news now. okay. so now redskins get things started. and the weather not so bad. >> as nice as we can draw it up for august n the 70s. >> especially where we have been. >> you are excited, too, aren't you? >> starting to get there. >> you are containing it nicely. appreciate it. temperatures go up but not much. a little below average, not that much this summer. 896 tomorrow. 86 on sunday. the average, by the way, is 87, which was on the way down. the averages are coming down now. slight chance of a shower tomorrow and a slight chance of a thunderstorm late on sunday but still a nice weekend. better chance, a much better chance on monday of showers and storms and temperatures will inch back up to 90. temperatures right now, in the 70s. remember, tuesday night we didn't get below 80 downtown. look at this.
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everybody's in the 70s. national mid-70s. low 70s in reston. low 70s in leesburg. up 270, gaithers beforeburg, rockville in the low 70s. that's a good deal. for tonight, clouds will hang tough. not a big deal. mostly cloudy and cooler. slight chance of a shower. most of the showers are south of fuss down to fredericksburg and very light. low temperatures 66 to 72. winds easterly at ten. although you know that said you want to track the showers, down load the weather app on your iphone and works own the ipad and droid too. spring until the morning, mid- 70s. 80 by lunchtime. that's a great deal and mid-80s by evening with a slight chance of a shower but i would not change your plans whether you are playing golf or gardening or taking the kids to a practice. becoming partly cloudy and pleasant. shower is possible saturday morning. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. and by afternoon, partly cloudy and pleasant. slight chance of a shower but look at the highs. 84088 and winds easterly at
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ten. that is indeed a good deal. maybe 87 in arlington. 86 downtown. 87 brandywine and 86 reston. only 84 in leesburg and middleburg. the zone forecast for saturday, only 72 in oakland. 80 in cumberland. 88 culpeper. a slight chance of a shower. the farther west you go the better chance you will have of a shower. only 80 for annapolis. and a slight chance of a shower. small craft advisory for parts of the bay and tidal potomac on saturday. next seven days, 86 on saturday and sunday. shower possible early. looking at a thunderstorm possible on sunday but a much better chance of storms on monday and tuesday. we'll monitor that for you. temperatures near 90. maybe an early shower on wednesday and then nice on thursday, too, 89 and on the hot side on friday. we can handle 92 and partly cloudy. >> may not get that record after all. >> thank you. in our weird news file, remember when you were a kid and you had the gerbil and they
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had all the cool exercise balls and rodent workout gear and sometimes you wished you were two inches tall so you can jump in and play too. wish no longer, to denver, colorado where they grown up the exercise ball to people size and they had nerve to stage races. teams of business folks rolls through downtown in the mile high city. crazy looking fun. corporate competitors got answers to trivia questions like where is the nearest starbucks, does the k bus go down here. i'm making this up. it is part of employee appreciation week. prizes include the stuff they like to give you, bragging rights and your face on facebook. in other words stuff that's free. ,s
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california's ban on gay marriage. voters may have approved it but the federal judge is putting it on the back burn and letting gay weddings go forward next week unless someone can give him a better reason why he shouldn't. one says he is on target -- you are probably right and i think the second half of the argument
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is that the majority of voters approved the measure banning gay marriage and a lot of folks complained a federal judge ought not overrule that. though i will point out, as you do, even the majority does not have the right to impose discrimination. and then there on the malfunctioning stop lights courtesy of the wakeup thunderstorm we had this week. bethany from dc points out -- basically it is sort of a stop and wait your turn to go sort of exercise but i think the real difficulty is that the formula breaks down when an eight-lane thorough fare crosses a two-lane side street. as a driver it is hard not to feel like the bigger street ought to have more of a right of way if you know what i mean. you ought to think of writing
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to mcginty's mail bag more often. the address is and don't forget to include your name and where you are writing us from. i will be back at 11:00 along with anita brikman. log on anytime you like to for all the latest, news, weather and traffic and pepco outages you want to know that. see you later. bye-bye. i'm here to prove that mini babybel cheese packs a whole lotta something special
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where is mel gibson now? this is "entertainment tonight." new video just in. mel reportedly out of the country. is he avoiding his deposition in his legal battle with oksana? then -- >> we're lucky that we have these options. >> jennifer aniston fires back at bill o'reilly, after his harsh words over a single mom. >> she cannot hire a dad. and teri hatcher on the record. what her no makeup message really meant? >> can you look at that picture and see a beautiful woman? >> in tonight's "e.t." slideshow, kelsey grammer with his pregnant girlfriend. hilary swank in a barely there biki bikini. plus the octomom, sully sullenberg and mary kay letorneau. their stories made them stars, but where are they


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